Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rebelution Peace of Mind Tour Photos

Rebelution Show Review

            For the second time in their career, Rebelution made a trip to Music City, USA.  The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee was full of eagerly awaiting fans, ready to take a break from the twang of country music and feel the good vibes of reggae.  These Santa Barbara musicians provided just that.
            The night started off with a hit from their first album, “Attention Span.”  With lots of opportunities for the crowd to sing along and a chorus that says, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, once again for the night,” this was a very clever way to kick off the concert.  Next came arguably the bands biggest hit, “Safe and Sound.”  This song filed the crowd with energy that never wore out as long as Rebelution was on stage.
After opening with a couple of their classics, the band ventured into their new album, Peace of Mind.  “Sky is the Limit” and “Comfort Zone” were played one after the other and proved why the album reached #13 on the Billboard 200 chart.  During their new song “Good Vibes,” lead singer Eric Rachmany interacted with the fans by singing “Nashville’s bringing only good vibes” during the chorus.  The band also brought the crowd into the show during “Night Crawler.”  After singing, “once again Nashville is on a loving quest,” the music stopped, and each band member threw up their arms, encouraging the crowd to get louder and louder.  This continued until their smiles were big enough to show they were satisfied, and once they were, they started back where they left off and finished off the song. 
In addition to bonding with the crowd, Rebelution made their performance even better with special guests.  The band brought up rappers Pep Love and The Grouch during “Closer I Get” and “Other Side” to add something new to their already amazing songs.  While these hip-hop artists really got the crowd going, Rebelution added some energy with their musicianship and solos.  Guitarist Rachmany and keyboard player Rory Carey impressed the crowd with their intricate solos as drummer Wesley Finley and bassist Marley Williams held down the beat and kept it groovin’ all night. 
The first set of the night ended with a clever mash-up of two of their songs.  Rebelution started off with the intro from their new song, “Lady in White,” then played “Green to Black” in its entirety, and finished off with the outro of “Lady in White.”  This was just one of the examples of how the band changed up their songs throughout the night, making their live show unforgettable.
As they walked off the stage, cheers and chanting filled the Cannery Ballroom and eventually brought Rebelution back for two more songs.  The encore started with “Outta Control,” and Rachmany once again got the audience involved by singing, “Nashville is out of control!”  Rebelution closed out the concert with the laid back, “Lazy Afternoon.”  The band let their 1,000 screaming fans take over lead vocals for the last chorus, making this a great way to end a fantastic show. 
            Rebelution put on a great show at the Cannery Ballroom and left Music City wanting more.  The only criticism I have is I wish the band had played “Route Around.”  This song is unlike anything else they have recorded and would have shown their calm and emotional side very well.  But all in all, Rebelution puts on a show that will have you on your feet dancing, singing, and enjoying yourself all night long.